Morning Cup of Job


My struggles weren’t too different from Job’s, but my questions were not existential. I simply wanted to know the secret to feeling good. Lately, the kids had been driving me into the ground.

While Job may have reached out to questionable friends, my choice – like every toxic relationship – was one I swore I would avoid forever.

And so began my caffeinated month of craziness.

Really, if you feel like control in your life is slipping away and you are not already addicted, I strongly discourage coffee.

In truth, I had parted ways with caffeine years before tiny feet carried away the final remnants of my youth. A little sip in the morning, and I would remain awake for hours…over twenty-four, in fact.

One time in particular, my husband and I made a 13-hour car ride after I had consumed an entire cup. Perhaps I overdid it. Perhaps your veins aren’t supposed to feel like they are about to explode? Whatever. Lesson learned.

But, then, children. And sleepless nights. And teaching 8 a.m. classes.

My real moment of weakness, however, was not in my decision to partake – it rested in my reason why: All the other moms are doing it.

It was silly, but the consequences were ugly: migraine withdrawals, chronic thirst, and an inability to quiet my thoughts. Worst of all, four cold sores emerged in a single month.

The break-up, I already knew, was imminent, and I resigned with an important realization: What works well for others may not work well for me.

I think we parents are pushed – and tempted – from all sides. A quick fix always feels just out of reach. But somewhere in the caffeine high, I stopped listening to myself, my body.

Sleep, exercise, Jesus – these are the things I was designed to crave. The coffee mug just seemed to get in the way.

But Job’s hope remains: the trials have a purpose. And the energy expended is never wasted, only channeled into our little creations.

And, with that, my cup runneth over.

6 thoughts on “Morning Cup of Job

  1. Wow! Caffeine does quite a number on you!
    Coffee barely has any effect on me. I blame my genes. Alcohol, prescription painkillers, caffeine… It just doesn’t effect me as much as others. I once had to go to the ER for a migraine, they have me every injectable pain killer they safely could, and it barely took the edge off, lol! So, what may seem like a curse in this season of your life, can actually be a blessing;)

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    1. Thanks for these words, Kristen. Migraines, ah, they are such a killjoy! My sensitivities have certainly been a blessing on my wallet (among other things). Sometimes I just have to learn the hard way, but every season offers a new opportunity for growth 🙂

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  2. Been there, done the coffee and other caffeine products, with the same results, and have found many beautiful and rewarding replacements that our Father offers.
    “Blessed the God and Father of our Lord, Jesus Christ, who, in Christ has blessed us with every spiritual blessing.”
    The things here most often will get in the way of what He has prepared for us.
    Look forward to reading your blog.

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    1. “The things here most often will get in the way of what He has prepared for us.”

      Yes. And I am learning that those “things” are most often a choice. Thank you for your encouraging words. What a peace it is to know that He is the true sustainer.


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