Everyone Has an Opinion



Everyone has an opinion

I’d like you to know that

I do as well.


The world isn’t falling apart,

though ideas do have a way of

collapsing beneath

false prophets.


Headlines scream

what we already know

Fear is easy.


But my ears only hear

two children


for peace.


::today’s daily inspiration::

2 thoughts on “Everyone Has an Opinion

  1. I know… last night I stopped following some friends on Facebook and will read news less often. I’m getting so anxious with it all so I realized I should pay more attention to my children. I still want to be involved and active but there is just so much one can handle… specially while raising little ones.

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    1. I totally agree! There are limits to what the heart (and our sanity) can handle. At this point, I think it’s figuring out a balance of being in the know while still moving forward with love. Kids are pretty good reminders that hope abounds, even if only in our homes sometimes 🙂

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