Write Club


The first rule of write club is you don’t talk about write club.

Truly, it’s a secret society of sorts – to be a writer in a sea of non-writers. It’s like every time I pick up a pen or sit down at the monitor, I take an oath of silence.

It’s painful not to talk about what you’re planning to write – what you aspire to communicate to a wider audience. I come up with at least one new book idea every day. But I’m a mom and a teacher, so those ideas don’t necessarily have an appropriate place to be entertained. And time, well, what’s that?

If you, too, are a writer, perhaps you also mull over ideas, stories – really any inspiration that strikes you – for infinite weeks?

Should I write a book?

How can I blog and write a book at the same time?

Should I just try something shorter like poetry?

This is the great difficulty with writing: you spend your days battling words, the very things that – once fully realized – can bring peace.

I ran into a former student of mine a few weeks ago. He’s been very successful in the two years since he’s been in my course.

What are you up to, Professor Fortenberry?

After a few seconds, my overtired brain began to fire again.

“Well, I have a blog now.” Only my response didn’t seem to capture my deeper ambitions. “And I am planning to begin my first book this summer.”

Conviction fell upon me immediately. Why haven’t I started, in earnest, writing the narrative that follows me everywhere? I contemplate the characters when I run. I consider the soundtrack if it becomes a major motion picture (We can all dream, right?) during my errands around town.

But then reality hits. Lauren, you actually have to start writing.

The second rule of write club is you don’t talk about the insecurities.

Lately, I have rediscovered my passion for reading. Last month I read three books (Hillbilly Elegy, The Road to Character, and #TheArtofTwitter), and I am currently in the middle of two: Slaughterhouse Five and Decision Points. I often ask myself: What would have happened if these authors had lost themselves in write club?

In my heart, I have faith that the words will come when I realize I cannot escape them – when I prioritize revisiting the uncomfortable growth that adulthood requires. The paradox, however, continues to ring true: my two beautiful distractions are my greatest inspiration. And I have to remind myself that the story I carry needs to be told.

And, one day soon, two not-so-little people will be eager to hear it.

One Year Ago: Chasing the Avocado

10 thoughts on “Write Club

  1. The Daytime Renegade

    “my two beautiful distractions are my greatest inspiration.”

    This. All day and every day. There just isn’t enough time in the world, is there?

    And yet, the deep work of writing is by far the most fulfilling. Good luck with it Lauren. Tune out and get to it!

    But don’t talk about it lol!

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  2. ‘revisiting the uncomfortable growth that adulthood requires’ – this rings so true. I think running a blog is great practise in writing – although, personally, my own novel has fallen to the wayside because of blogging. Still, I now have plenty of fodder to write with! Blogging is an exploration in words.

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    1. You read my mind! Blogging and writing anything else is like trying to serve two masters – nearly impossible to be done. The blog, at least in my experience, is hard to resist with immediate feedback and visibility. I just need to remind myself that long-term writing projects will also have rewards 🙂

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  3. Lauren, this post was so inspiring to me because I admire you so much as a blogger and am impressed by how much you actually post. Thanks for having the courage to share some of the sometimes hard-on-yourself thoughts that you have as a writer about bigger projects, I could relate to it so well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Julie! Doesn’t it feel like an act of God to get anything written in the midst of all the emotions and time required by a career in education?! I sincerely appreciate your words. Thank you for reaching out. I am enjoying your reflections as well. Be encouraged!

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