To Endure Is to Reap


Something happens the first day that you begin teaching. A connection materializes between your heart and those of your students.

But what about the ones who hate you? What about the ones who hate each other? What about the ones who make your instruction difficult?

We love them, too.

Tomorrow I will receive a new stack of papers to grade. On average, the task takes three weeks to complete. I hate many minutes of my life in the process.

But isn’t life more than the struggle? I believe we’re all a part of something greater. This is why teachers plan and grade when the rest of the world sleeps.

The job YOU do every single day – paid or unpaid – makes a difference in the lives of others. And, I’m telling you, if you can endure, you will see the fruit of your labor.

Or, if you’re very lucky, that your place was only the beginning.

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