Closing Time


Life has been full of goodbyes lately. And, you know, they never really get easier.

Today we part ways with our home – the first address that belonged to just us. The only home our children have ever known.

In February 2017, a Heavenly call became pretty clear: Sell your home.

And so we did. An offer immediately followed.

Throughout the complex process, I have encountered all-too-familiar feelings.

The kind of butterflies that propelled me down the aisle.

The kind of giddiness that guided me across the stage.

The kind of deep uncertainty sensed when I peered into my children’s eyes for the first time.

But I am convinced that we look at parting all wrong, for the best memories never actually leave us. They remind us that we, too, have a place in this lost and broken world. And they anchor us to one another.

And maybe if we never let go, we can’t truly savor what was.

Or what is to come.

One Year Ago: The Dance of Innocence

6 thoughts on “Closing Time

  1. Brian Tackman

    As me and my wife in the past few months have also sold our old home and bought a new home, I can relate entirely to what you are saying in the beautiful words you have used. I am convinced also that memories, either good or bad do not ever leave us. Weather we choose to willingly let them go or to hold onto them, they will always be there to remind us. Bless you Lauren on your new adventures !

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