No Mosquito Bites


The Gratitude Gospel: Day 1

If you know me in real life, you’ve probably heard me complain about the mosquitoes at our short-term home. They eat the children alive, even with bug spray. We are lucky to escape a 20-minute outdoor adventure with less than 8 bites EACH.

Yesterday a trending weather pattern continued: rain. Frankly, I wanted to kick nature in the pants. So we hooded and booted up. No puddle was safe.

If you stand in the rain long enough with two young children, you’ll forget that your feet are even wet. Laughter from little people is beautifully deafening like that.

My kids launched pine cones, examined mushrooms, and squealed their way through a makeshift fort comprised of a giant blue tarp and a wooden wheelchair ramp.

When our play ended, I followed what has become our outdoor protocol and studied each little bodily limb. Not a single bite.

Hours later, I found myself bathing my toddler daughter – against her will, of course. In the midst of her forced tears, I calmly asked, “Did you have fun today?”

Without hesitation, she nodded her head and the oasis of emotion ceased.

Thanks, Kid.

Where did you find gratitude today? Laughter? Hope?

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