Vacation Bible School Teachers


The Gratitude Gospel: Day 3

Vacation Bible School teachers, I am in awe of you.

It’s summer and the last thing sane individuals want to do is chase after small children, but you do – with your crafts, and your games, and your smiles.

For an entire week, you keep kids of nearly every age safe, encouraged, and entertained. And, perhaps most impressive, you use your imagination (my youngest is almost two, and I’m still waiting for mine to return).

I often say that college is one of the hardest places to teach. Typically, I am only granted a single semester with young people. But, VBS teachers, you have but one week.

And, you know, I have yet to witness a single spirit of yours falter.

Thank you for loving my children – all the children you encounter.

Thank you for investing your summer freedom into the hearts and minds of the future.

Thank you for showing the community that Jesus can never be confined to a church sanctuary.

“Yesterday, today, and tomorrow / Everything around us seems to change…”

It’s part of the chorus from a cheesy song I learned in Vacation Bible School more than two decades ago. That’s how impactful passion-filled volunteers can be.

And I’m willing to bet that somehow in their prehistoric cavemen costumes, my parents – my favorite VBS teachers of all – knew I would remember.

For which teachers are you grateful today?

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