Assembling the Unknown


The Gratitude Gospel: Day 7

“Can we chat?”

It’s become a bedtime tradition in our home. Snuggles and conversation with Mom are how my children end their day.

It is my hope that this kind of routine builds trust and openness between parent and little one. But, for now, my son (the more coherent child) wants to know how everything works.

He uses our nighttime chat as an exploration vehicle.

“How are cars made?”

Last night’s inquiry caught me off-guard. Think, Lauren, think. What do you know about cars? Enter Henry Ford.

“Well, Honey, cars are made using an assembly line.” Let’s just say I’m grateful Dad, the scientist, wasn’t in the room.

But, really, the question rattled me, and I suddenly became aware of how much I don’t know….about machines, about engineering, about things my kids may one day be passionate about.

It’s the feeling of not being good enough, and it attacks the best of parental intentions without warning.

So, today, I raised my shield…in the kitchen. During my son’s nap – on my tiptoes, no less – I created a chocolate chip cookie assembly line. Every ingredient was ready to be poured and mixed when my drowsy boy emerged.

We made a mess and ate too much chocolate, but the concept became tangible.

“It’s just like cars!”

And somewhere in me the insecurity crumbled.

What sweet moment made your day?

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