Working Hard for No Money


The Gratitude Gospel: Day 9

Lately, I’ve been thinking about jobs.

Our rental has become a bit of a fishbowl in recent days. A deck is being built outside. Shirts, as we have learned, are optional.

The whole environment is strange until you consider that the beings clanging around our home are humans. They have families, too. And when they work long hours after a long day of work, they leave them behind.

When I picked our children up from their half-day summer program today, a similar thought struck me.

All the amazing women who care for our children – they are worthy of immeasurable praise. They are in the crayon-colored trenches through every attitude or act of defiance offered. And, incredibly, they have the ability to respond only with love.

Why do we place so little monetary value on the most sacrificial of jobs?

Today I’m grateful for those who sweat, toil, and build a better world.

You inspire us all to work for more than just the money.

Did you find inspiration today in an unlikely place?

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2 thoughts on “Working Hard for No Money

  1. Living in a military community with a lot of people who are far from their families, I’m so thankful for my ‘found family’- the people we can call on for help with our children, for desperate house questions, for prayers when they’re needed. The retired folks at church are pretty amazing too- one gentleman, recovering from serious illness, is still there most days painting, repairing, and keeping everything running- oftentimes when no one else is there to see it! Thanks for the reminder!

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    1. “Found family” – love that phrase! What a gift, indeed, to find people who will love us where they are ❤️ It’s always inspiring to see people give whatever they have (and humbling when there is little to seemingly give). Thank you for sharing 🙂

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