Small Talk

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The Gratitude Gospel: Day 10

Okay, so I’ve missed a few days. The thing about writing about your life is, well, sometimes you just can’t blog about what happens in your day.

Small things happen that no one else will find interesting.

Big things happen that you can’t really share…at least not at the given moment in time.

But today, I was reminded of the deep love I have for something so fleeting in our technology-mediated world: face-to-face small talk.

Really, if you know me in real life, we probably met through small talk. In fact, I thrive off of other peoples’ stories. I think it’s the English major within me.

Every narrative I hear makes my life better.

Cell phones, however, have replaced more conversations than I’m comfortable admitting. We don’t care to listen anymore.

Tonight felt different, though. Maybe it’s the stuff I can’t blog about. Maybe the universe knew I needed to get outside of my own head.

So I found a willing participant and we talked…for nearly one hour. I swear my faith in humanity was restored with each passing minute. Sometimes I forget how good it feels to be vulnerable.

At the end of the hour, we parted ways, but not before I learned her name.

The junk that I’ve been walking around with, it became a little lighter. And, I’m willing to bet, there is a stranger who stands ready to assist you with yours.

Has small talk ever changed your outlook?

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