Move Along, Dear


The Gratitude Gospel: Day 11

In our rental, I have the kind of view that most writers would kill to have. A simple wooden desk in front of a wall of windows that look out to a forest (and swamp, though that sounds less picturesque).

If you are a mother, however, the hooting owls and the relentless woodpeckers start to get to you after a little while (at least when a nap is desired).

But yesterday I witnessed the most precious sight: a doe with two fawns. Momma Deer watched as her offspring lapped water into their mouths before they all disappeared into the wild vegetation.

Sometimes parenting feels like the wilderness. Most often, the act of writing does.

But the journey can be so very good…and hard…and refreshing.

How has nature helped you find peace this day?

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One Year Ago: A Hybrid Motherhood

2 thoughts on “Move Along, Dear

  1. With summer here and kids readjusting to being together all day, nature-time outside is essential. Just the little change of scenery- going outside, digging in some dirt, or today “helping” mommy weed, helps the kids ‘reset’ and have a better day. No cute baby deer, though- your view sounds amazing! πŸ™‚

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    1. I agree on all fronts! My kids love weeding, too (though it is something I have NOT missed since we moved into our rental). I find that nature resets us all, especially a stressed Mommy! And the deer, well, they were a much needed silver lining πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing!

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