Two Miles



The Gratitude Gospel: Day 12

My husband is traveling for the week, which means one thing: my children have become savages.

Really. I can’t turn my back for more than a minute unless I want violence, destruction, or BOTH to occur.

Twenty-four hours is probably the point at which I begin to lose my mind. Thus, I could literally hear the treadmill calling my name loud and clear this morning. Time to release and commit.

Except, well, see above.

But I am one of those ridiculous teachers who stays up late to prepare for a lesson the next day. So, unsurprisingly, I plan my workout for close to an hour.

Kinetic sand and water station. Check.

Morning snack. Check.

Silly putty. Check.

After a quick search for headphones and a light stretch, I turn on the treadmill to a brisk pace.

Child #1 emerges. “[Little Sister] is making a mess with the water!”

“I’m sorry, Honey. Just try to play with her.”

Approximately two minutes pass.

Child #2 enters and hides beneath the nearby desk. Giggly antics ensue but nothing (bones, picture frames, etc.) breaks.

At the 10-minute marker, I come close to pulling the plug. Is it really worth the stress?

But then something happens. The creatures so desperate to prevent me – at least mentally – from exercise sit down…and watch. Their sharp claws and scary roars are no longer detectable. Their angelic eyes gaze from my feet to my eyes with wonder.

I draw the line at two satisfying miles and reunite with my slightly damp audience.

And, without fail, four little feet pounce upon the treadmill just as mine depart.

Which moment took your heart and ran today?

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9 thoughts on “Two Miles

  1. clairehillsmith

    This is a brilliant post! I don’t have children but I am often looking after nieces and nephews so I understand a little. Love the way you wrote this! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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