Can Gratitude Change Your Life?


Five years ago, I would have never asked myself such a question. Life was demanding, of course, but I still found time for phone calls, thoughtful e-mails, and my calling card: handwritten thank you notes.

Then came the babies.

I remember the week before my son was born almost four years ago. I called every girlfriend with whom I desired to keep in touch. How’s life? Are you enjoying your job? Please know that I won’t disappear.

But, then, I did. If not with my first child then likely with our second.

And the gratitude I felt so deeply for friends, family, and kind strangers in my life got buried beneath the weight of unending responsibility.

The Gratitude Gospel has reminded me that it’s not too late…for me, for you, for any of us to approach our circumstances with a thankful heart. 

I would liken it to the Christian call to prayer. The humble communication of our needs changes the inward even more than the outward, and it’s an ongoing mission – a relational discipline.

And when I look back on the last two weeks, all I can see is God’s abundant grace and the promise that – if I commit myself to it – I will write those thank you notes once again.

Thank you for joining me in the Gratitude Gospel project.

One Year Ago: The Week I Said “Yes”

4 thoughts on “Can Gratitude Change Your Life?

  1. Ashley Nabors

    Love your comparison of thanksgiving to the call to prayer. I’m so naturally not good at either of these disciplines but it certainly changes SO much. thanks for the reminder of how important gratitude is every moment. Your writing has confirmed what the Lords continues to bring to mind….”rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances” enjoyed following this series friend!

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    1. Thanks for sharing, Ashley! I find that no matter how often I pray or express gratitude, there’s always room for improvement. God is the ultimate teacher in that way 🙂 Thank you for following this journey – in person and online!


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