When A Tick Bites Your Child

You will scream.

You will say things you regret.

You will search your entire house for tweezers.

You will scare the child to whom the tick is still attached.

You will destroy at least one piece of furniture in your path to drowning the parasite.

You will find your worst fear realized: you dropped the half-alive tick.

BUT your child will be safe.

And he sure had fun outside today.

7 thoughts on “When A Tick Bites Your Child

  1. Good point well made. We do have a lot of ticks where I live and depend on our “tick twister” bought at our local vets. Safest way to remove them in their entirety which is the key – Loads of suggestions out there on how best to remove them but the twisting method the best as nothing gets left behind. Bit gross for a Sunday morning but important I think.

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    1. It sounds like the “tick twister” may be a good investment if we move north in the years to come! In Southern GA mosquitoes are the villain of choice. It’s funny, when my husband and I lived in CA, we removed ticks from our dog after EVERY hike. It was much easier then, as CA ticks were often larger and I had my “tick wingman” (my husband is traveling this week). The whole ordeal was a reminder to me that – with little children at least – expect the unexpected 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

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      1. Please do invest as ticks can cause all sorts of nasties. I recently heard that Kris Kristofferson was diagnosed as having Lymes Disease possibly as a result of a tick bite whilst filming in Vermont. His forgetfulness etc, thought to be down to an awful age-related illness, turned out to be due to the Lymes and he is now much better. We are very vigilant because of all the deer around here, but, as you say, never let it stop your children enjoy the great outdoors – just have that twister at hand!

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  2. Ack! My son got pinworms recently. He’s pretty good about washing his fruit and veggies, but something must have not been cleaned thoroughly. (sigh) which because it’s highly contagious, microscopic eggs that you breathe in (just think how lice easily spreads) – well… the whole family had to go through treatment. And entire house cleansed. Luckily, you can but this small bottle over-the-counter at CVS. One shot of sweet banana stuff (thick like a shake) – and the issue is resolved within a week! So…we may not have an abundance of ticks in Southern CA – but…there’s always a bug waiting somewhere! Sigh!

    (and there were lots of swear words when I had to look at the toilet the first day! And running around and researching “worms” on the internet!)

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    1. Oh, man! That sounds terrible, but I’m glad there was a way to resolve the issue without anyone else getting infected. When we lived in San Jose the sugar ants were such a nuisance! I think you’re right; there is always some critter/microorganism waiting to challenge us humans. Thank goodness for the Internet, right? 🙂


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