3 Reasons to Stay Encouraged


The holding on – isn’t it so much easier to let go?

Over the last year, I have been fighting – psychologically, at least – to stay encouraged.

At times, the world laughed in my face.

At times, I tried to hide from my struggle.

At times, I was tempted by unhealthy release.

But just a few weeks ago, a prayer was answered. A hand of hope extended.

And right there on the edge of despair, my feet found the strength to remain in the air.

I don’t know your season, but I hope this message finds you.

You have THREE reasons to stay encouraged:

  1. You are breathing.
  2. Your heart is beating.
  3. You have been given today.

And, truly, my prayer for you is this:

Do whatever it takes to keep your feet lifted for one more day.

::today’s daily inspiration::

One Year Ago: To Climb a Mountain



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