Keeping Lollipops Special


My daughter danced gleefully on her seat. Then the table.

It was her first lollipop high.

With our son, we were better able to control his added sugar intake. But, you know, every parental control dissipates with your second child’s arrival.

So I caved.

If I’m honest, it’s a daily balance. Sugar is EVERYWHERE. And studies now suggest it can alter children’s minds – potentially even long-term.

So we limit our kids to milk and water, with an occasional serving of fruit juice. Sweets are special.

And lollipops? An annual splurge.

After all, as a parent you can only live so long in a world of absolutes. Sugar will find its way.

But I hope our children will learn that every high comes down. And when they return, we’ll be there.

Willing to help clean up the mess.

One Year Ago: A Baby Hand


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