The Great American Family Road Trip [2017]: Day 3


Some moments take your very breath. Most often they are unplanned.

Such was Day Three’s first adventure.

We all learn about Brown v. Board of Education in school, but do we really know the details? I’m an educator, and even I struggle to recall.

But we visited Topeka, Kansas, yesterday and I got my second chance at Monroe Elementary. This site, which schooled only African-American children before the landmark court ruling, now celebrates the right to an education for all as a National Historic Site.

Chills. Tears. Joy.

Praise God we no longer live in a nation whose laws limit a child’s lifelong potential from birth.

And perhaps most moving of all was the sight of my two blonde children playing in a preserved Kindergarten classroom with toys several decades old. I considered the strength of all the children who – in that very classroom – came before them.

I think they’d have so much to share.


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