The Great American Family Road Trip [2017]: Day 8


We aren’t rich enough to be here.

It’s an insecurity that crept in throughout our visit to Aspen, Colorado – arguably one of the most beautiful places in the world. The Land Rovers, lavish jewelry, and perfect complexions are hard to ignore.

But there is something significant that everyone who frequents Aspen has in common. They love recreation and the natural world.

Roller coasters may be off limits for small children, but gondola rides are the perfect mix of thrill and safety. On Day Eight, we viewed Aspen and Snowmass Village from the mountaintops. I know nothing about mountain biking, but the 2017 Enduro World Series made for exciting entertainment down the green slopes.


We also did those quirky tourist things like shop and eat overpriced food.

But – at least for myself – the best part of yesterday was the nature-inspired living we encountered on every street corner. Truly, it’s infectious.

The people found in Aspen care about their bodies and their environment. You don’t have to look for a recycle bin, nearly everyone dons exercise apparel, and mass transit and pedestrian transportation are the norm.

As you can imagine, the children are beautiful and just as active.

And, literally, I cannot recall spotting a single obese person from any of our adventures in and around the city.

But, alas, paradise comes at a price – one that our family cannot afford. However, I think it’s important to step out of your comfort zone sometimes to see how the other side lives – to walk in their shoes, even if only for a day.

Because, I’m telling you, when you find yourself in a sea of women all wearing yoga pants and feeding your children the same healthy foods, your strength to keep going won’t come from within.

It’ll come from them.

7 thoughts on “The Great American Family Road Trip [2017]: Day 8

      1. Oh understand the Southern heat, I am from Georgia; however, I have been living in Arizona for several years. As a matter of fact I just visited family in Georgia and Florida–I do not miss the humidity!

        Colorado is beautiful and when the heat hits 115-117 in Arizona– we love Colorado even more! So that’s one reason I have enjoyed Colorado. We visited the Colorado Springs area, Denver, and a location called Golden Gate State Park–we camped there. Absolutely gorgeous! My husband was asked to interview for a job in Denver, but when we saw it was still snowing late April…we decided we’d stick to a warmer climate. So Arizona it is for now. Aspen sounds wonderful. Maybe next time. We are trying to make it to Yellow Stone Park one summer. I am hearing so many wonderful things about the park. 🙂


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