When the climate is hatred, keep teaching.


What do you say when the world seems full of hate? Well, the truth is, it isn’t.

It just feels that way.

You, me, and the whole lot of us need to keep doing our part. We need to keep loving. And, sometimes, loving means loving when it hurts.

This week I will meet a new batch of students. They will be on both sides of nearly every issue. College is beautiful like that.

But there is no safe space for hate. Can I teach that?

No. But I hope my love drowns out the noise.

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6 thoughts on “When the climate is hatred, keep teaching.

    1. Thank you, Anne! I’m telling you, the loving is always my goal, but the climate has changed so much since I first started teaching back in 2008. As a teacher, though, I have to believe that things can get better and that I can be a part of that change 🙂

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  1. This is a great example of why I LOVE being a college student. My professors have taught me so much in the light of debate, opinions, and the true importance of humanity as a whole. Keep doing what your doing, its awesome 🙂

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