Every goodnight kiss is a gift.

When you’re a new mother, it feels like they’ll be little forever.
You study their every part. You learn their every mood. You breathe more deeply in their presence.

But then life changes, and you settle into routines. And you begin to understand the difficulty that comes with children growing – evolving into better humans.

And, at some point, you may return to work.

I was in a meeting until 9 p.m. last night, and I missed putting the kids to bed. All through my final commitment, I toiled with strong emotions.

I’m not present.

Truthfully, I started the day teaching at 8 a.m. I had missed the beginning and end to their day.

But I couldn’t help myself. Every goodnight kiss is a gift.

So, an hour after the kids were put to bed, I quietly opened two bedroom doors. And there were my children – wide awake and waiting…with outstretched arms.

I held my daughter close and shared a short exchange with my son.

And I remembered who gives me the courage to take on the world each day.

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One thought on “Every goodnight kiss is a gift.

  1. Barbara Brazen

    I love this! I love sneaking into my son’s room when he’s gone to bed before I get home. However, he’s always asleep and I video record waking him up for a kiss because he never remembers it and we can laugh together about it the next day.

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