Bearing Loss


Just before I turned 26, I miscarried our first child. I let the darkness carry me away for many months.

My husband and I weren’t in a position to pursue pregnancy. And I felt like a failure.

The economy seemed to be enduring similar pains, and even the nearby Books-A-Million was closing.

But I couldn’t resist the kids section and all the multicolored books on clearance.

Where, Oh Where Is Huggle Buggle Bear? caught my eye…and my heart.

For $3.97 I stored my dream on a shelf in the back – tucked away where not even my husband could see.

Last night, more than five years later, my daughter and I made it through the entire book for the first time.

And, in that moment, I swear I was reading for two children – the one in my arms and the one hidden forever in the pages of a silly story.

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16 thoughts on “Bearing Loss

  1. This really moved me. A beautiful story. I am familiar with this kind of loss and have travelled on this road also. My wife and I bought a cute green dragon and it sat in the washing basket by the side of our bed, hoping that a child would come into its life and eventually after much pain we had two beautiful children but we never forget the ones that left even before they could arrive. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. How wonderful that you were able to share the story with your daughter- and that you have that remembrance (painful though it may be.) It’s such a hard thing- when I’m gathering up our brood I still sometimes find myself looking for the one we didn’t get to meet. And now I’m all teary… 🙂 Thank you for sharing this.

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