Trouble at School Can Make Us Better Parents



It was the adjective my two-year-old daughter’s teacher used to describe her day. In fact, our little ball of fire had even paid a visit to the preschool director – you know, the toddler equivalent to a principal.

I tried to remain calm, but my heart was racing. It was only the third week of school.

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4 thoughts on “Trouble at School Can Make Us Better Parents

  1. I love reading about how you took what could be a negative thing, and turned it into something ‘teachable.’ My kids get just plain weird (and ornery!) when major changes are afoot, but as adults with our own stresses it’s easy to miss the signs. Also (as someone who has taught little ones, and boy, do I have some stories…) it’s nice to hear how you took your daughter’s teacher’s words and actions as helpful- how you’re able to work with the other people in her life rather than taking the rough day personally. It’s never dull, is it? 🙂

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    1. Yes, I am hoping it will be easier to detect emotions and changes in the children when they are just a little bit older. We get so wrapped up in our own heads, don’t we? You give me hope, though. I think the teacher in me will always win when it comes to school happenings. Sure, there are a few mixed in every group who hate everything about their lives (including, unfortunately, their jobs), but most are in it with their whole heart and are so eager to love our children 🙂 Pride is a beast to overcome in parenthood, but I hope I’m getting better every day.

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    1. Thank you so much. This story was one I knew I needed to record but found difficulty publishing. Mothers don’t like to talk about the icky, the unpleasant. I hope (and pray for myself) that it all can be used for good. I’m so glad you could connect 🙂

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