The First Jesus Questions


My son is four years, one month, and 20 days old. And he is starting to ask questions about Jesus.

As a Christian mom, I have been waiting with excitement and fear for this moment. Because, you know, there is now another human who will keep me accountable.

But I couldn’t escape my son’s curiosity on the way home from preschool today:

“Why did Jesus have to die?”

I think those of us who grew up in church like to believe we’ll always have the right words at the right time. But I was still in shock. And his little voice was persistent.

“Why did he close the doors to the ark and flood the Earth, Momma?”

In that moment, I considered all of the terrible things we have experienced recently in our country.

Protests in St. Louis.
Wildfires in the Pacific Northwest.
Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

Somehow I found the peace to offer a response.

“Honey, God sometimes allows bad things to happen so that greater things can come.”

As we pulled into the driveway, he grew quiet, as if to digest my answer.

And I found myself overcome by a smile. I think God knew I needed the reminder…and the practice for countless questions ahead.

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4 thoughts on “The First Jesus Questions

  1. I love LOVE these moments. The kids have way of making me reframe and reexamine my faith, and bringing it back down out of all of the ‘adulting’ confusion to the basics- who our Savior is and where our hope lies. Thanks for sharing this beautiful story! (Just wait, when they get a little older and start sharing these things with each other, it’s amazing! I love hearing my little guys discussing Bible stories after Sunday school 🙂 )

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