A Solution to #WhiteLivesMatter

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Lately, #WhiteLivesMatter has interrupted the headlines. Maybe it’s because Charlottesville is close to my childhood home or because I have little ones, but this moment in history has convicted me deeply.

You’ve got to show love to everyone, Lauren.

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No, I don’t want your products. Yes, I still want to be friends.


To be fair, I’m a blogger. I get it. Marketing is an essential piece to any business or brand.

And every so often, I get that same awkward eye contact that you do by a friend. They worry that somehow they’ve disappointed you by not supporting your efforts, your passion.

But, for myself, I have nothing tangible to offer – only words of encouragement voiced from the trenches of early parenthood.

So I know it’s different. But I want to share a secret that I’ve learned to overcome the psychological distress of rejection.

People who love you don’t always say “yes”.

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