My Motherhood, My New Self

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When I was growing up, I was ridiculed for being too thin – too imperfect by the world’s standards. But, in college, I came into my own (even if my tank top choices were questionable). And, for the first time, I loved the skin I was in.

The image on the left was taken 12 years ago during my senior year of college. A part of me always worried that this would be my peak – that I would lose myself in marriage and childbirth, that I wouldn’t know how to find my way back to a healthy weight.

But motherhood forced me to take a detour and re-evaluate priorities. For five years, I traded a taut tummy for a front row seat to experience the beautiful first tastes of life. The fears and anxiety I held eventually subsided when I realized that parenthood requires us to evolve.

We can’t stay the same in mind, body, or spirit.

And, through every sleepless night and early motherhood insecurity, I kept running.

The picture on the right was taken last weekend. I can now appreciate where my body’s been and the physical sacrifices we must make to love little people.

And, perhaps one day in the future, I’ll break out the white tank top that I keep buried deep in my dresser to remind my children of a lesson it has taken a lifetime to learn:

Hold on to who you were and don’t be afraid of who you’ll become.

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