Political conversations with a four-year-old


Son: Why did they make a statue with liberty on it?

Me: Because the United States is a country of immigrants. People came here to escape persecution, violence, and even death.

Son: Oh!

Me: Now many people have different views of immigrants. Some worry they’ll steal their money, their jobs…

Son: And houses!

Me: Maybe. But what do you think about immigration? Do you think we should let people into our country?

Son: Yes. That would be loving.  

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4 thoughts on “Political conversations with a four-year-old

  1. “Immigrants — we get the job done.”

    [Lafayette and Hamilton high five]

    What a sweet interaction with your son. Most of us are immigrants or decedents of immigrants. I wonder: how many generations before someone is no longer seen as an immigrant?

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    1. I’m beginning to think there is a perfect Hamilton moment for just about every debate 🙂

      I have had similar thoughts. I do think we will see the definition (or at least the general consensus on the definition) evolve in the next 5-10 years. My hope is that it will make room for more of the “loving”.

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