Garage Confessional


Apple. Amazon. My first book. What do they have in common?

They were all started in a garage.

Writer’s block. It had become the bad friend I couldn’t lose. I grew in my desperation. Every room of my house seemed to offer a new toy, a new task that demanded my attention, a new reason not to write.

I live in the Deep South. The temps are finally becoming bearable again. So I disappeared into the only covered space left in our home.

Step 1: Remove the car from the garage.

Step 2: Groan at how much junk I own.

Step 3: Move a bunch of the junk I own.

Step 4: Sweep.

Step 5: Sweep again. Bonus points for big, hairy spiders!

Step 6: Settle in and write.

Last weekend, I followed these steps and blasted early 2000s hits to resurrect the details that will form the first chapters of my book. And, I’m not kidding, it worked like a charm. 

So, now, bigger questions loom.

  1. Did I just get lucky, or has the garage been the key to focus all along?
  2. Should I commit myself to a new creative space and make room for my desk?
  3. Will the big, hairy spiders be my demise?

As I type this post, I look around. I see broken paint. Dead lightbulbs. And memories I can’t bring myself to sell.

But the room is my own. I think all writers need that.

And it’s pretty incredible to know that the love that challenges this writer is just beyond the damaged walls.

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::today’s daily inspiration::

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6 thoughts on “Garage Confessional

      1. Well, BEFORE I shattered my laptop screen, it was on the couch downstairs during naptime or after everyone had gone to bed- mood music was a must. Now that I don’t have that option…I’m figuring it out :p

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I can’t recall coming across his name before, but I am now following him on Twitter (per your recommendation). Which book of his are you currently reading?

      I just finished reading “Handling the Truth: On the Writing of Memoir” by Emily Kephart. It was the encouragement I needed to finally start writing…even on a cold, dirty garage floor 😉


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