Sex Education, One Stall Over


When you are a mother, taking your child with you to the bathroom is status quo, especially in public spaces. Even if you have a little boy. I mean, where else are they to go?

Yesterday was no different from any other outing. Except, well, someone was listening.

I entered the bathroom. Removed a tampon from my purse. And, without fail, the questions poured.

What’s that, Mommy?

Why do you need that?

Now, if you are not yet a parent, I’ll just be honest. This is what ground zero humility looks like. If you are a parent, maybe you, too, have encountered the full frontal assault of inconvenient questions.

This time, however, my son was loud. And we weren’t alone.

When we exited the stall, a woman who appeared to be about 65 years of age shot us the death glare.

You see, we don’t make sex a taboo topic in our home. We talk about it. Literally, whenever our children inquire. This is our approach to parenting. With four graduate degrees between us, my husband and I want our children to understand the dimensions of sexual intercourse, including menstruation, from an early age.

Experts say that if you wait until after third grade to approach “the sex talk”, you’ve missed the boat. Really. Everything you teach them after this time will be remedial.

So why not start early, and why not start when the questions begin?

Though not organically inspired to do so, I smiled at the stranger who cast all doubt on my parenting – on my transparency.

But isn’t this the essence of parenthood – to do the hard things in the face of overwhelming challenge?

One day I hope my son’s curious questions will lead to:

  • Empathy for a future wife.
  • A deep understanding of women’s hormonal cycles.
  • An admiration for the unavoidable physical discomfort of womanhood.

So that, perhaps in my son’s generation, children will already be equipped with the basics to make informed decisions.

And wouldn’t it be amazing if fathers could one day do the talking?

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6 thoughts on “Sex Education, One Stall Over

  1. Barbara Brazen

    I love this post! I’m a single mother to three children: one daughter and two sons. We openly discuss the sex topic as I wanted a home with open communication. When I go to the store to buy feminine products, I have my son’s carry it around. They don’t think it’s weird at all and I hope it assists with them being empathetic about it with their significant others in the future.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. The open communication environment that you are building for your children sounds so inviting! What a gift. I can imagine that having your son carry your products has really taken any stigma away – good for you 🙂 (I may be stealing this one!)

      Liked by 1 person

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