To unlearn is to rewrite, to update what you know with wisdom.

I am the queen of response. No, really, I avoid planning. Somehow, amazingly, I have always been a good student, which is how I found myself in 2012 simultaneously possessing two master’s degrees and an overwhelming sense of paralysis at the very idea of creating a baby registry. Despite my academic accomplishments (not the least of which was surviving my undergraduate English degree in a sea of literary eccentrics), I realized very early in pregnancy that no amount of studying, work ethic, or book knowledge would prepare me for motherhood. None. In fact, I would soon discover that my ambitious spirit of individualism, the one that had made me successful in nearly every pursuit up until that moment, must evolve to meet the complex and unpredictable demands of motherhood. So, too, would my understanding of relationships and the world forever change.

This blog chronicles that walk through motherhood that I continue daily, namely the process of being humbled over and over again by my responsibility to care for human life outside of my own. The most important skill of motherhood, as I discuss here, is the ability to unlearn the ways of the world and to internalize the ways of the heart.

I wish you rich moments as you read.