The Racist in Me


Deep down, I think we’re all a little racist. It doesn’t matter where we have lived or who we have known – a part of us clings to sameness. Differences, after all, mean discomfort.

If you are white and move to the Deep South, two options present themselves:

Choice #1: Discover your sin and turn away from it.

Choice #2: What sin?

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Untold Stories


“What’s that?”

“What you doin’, Mommy, what you doin’?”

“I like it!”

My son is so full of questions and statements that my newborn-fog brain is finding it difficult to keep pace. Every day with my inquisitive toddler produces a new adventure to be experienced and a new story to be told.

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The Ghost of Opportunity Lost


Sometimes I have moments where I remember my “old” self, the woman who arrived at events painfully early. This, of course, is a mere dream now that I have a toddler and a newborn. As a result of these wonderful and powerful drains on time, I find myself in “go” mode much of my day to manage some semblance of what I consider to be a productive life. To be honest, a part of me often gets lost in the demands of life as a parent of young children, and I lose sight of the big picture…and the people living in it.

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Hot Dogs & How to Avoid Mommy Wars


I think within every woman there is a desire to save little creatures. I did not realize this within myself until one afternoon when I witnessed a collie mix locked inside a parked car on a near 100-degree day. As my husband remembers in jest, “Oh, the day you flipped out?” Yes, Sweetie, it was that day.

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